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In Adobe After Effects 101 course, participants will get in depth training on the industry standard tool for creating motion graphics, broadcast television and Hollywood style effects.
Participants will create compositions utilizing assets for a wide array of sources including video, Photoshop Files, Illustrator files, as well as other file types.
Participants will gain both a foundation for further After Effects learning and a more intuitive view of the program, its capabilities, and how to best employ it in your work

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to keyframe, animate text, create mask, video blending, and basic though advanced animation techniques.
  • Our instructors are industry professionals and will not only teach participants the program, they will teach participants the pit falls and best practices.
  • They are well versed in the After Effects and will increase proficiency and productivity by sharing shortcuts, common errors, and insightful work-arounds. and ramp participants up so that in 3-days participants are not only confident but have the skills to hit the ground running.
  • Learning a powerful program such as After Effects may seem daunting, but our instructors have the skills to make classes both enjoyable and informative!
  • Learn to create dynamic, visually stunning video assets for use in any project
  • Master the design and delivery of professional motion graphics and visual effects
  • Use After Effects to enhance projects for video, web, eLearning, demonstrations and presentations, TV, and film
  • Integrate standard video creation workflows and best practices into Students department
  • Make high-quality video content production a fundamental capability of Students skill set, business offering or department


  • Certificate of attendance from IT-Gate Academy


  • Creating a project, importing footage, using compositions
  • Understanding Keyframes and layers in After Effects
  • Getting to know the workflow
  • Working with text and animating text
  • Importing and animating a wide array of file formats (including video, Photoshop and Illustrator files)
  • Working with mask, masking tools and masking techniques
  • Performing color corrections
  • Using 3D Features and Working With 3D Camera Tracking
  • Parenting and Nesting
  • Transparency and Blending modes
  • Distorting objects and using the puppet tools
  • Using the Roto Brush
  • Color Correction
  • Tracking and Keying video
  • Using Paint and Vector Paint
  • Time remapping
  • Using The ROTO Brush Tool
  • Advanced Motion techniques
  • Rendering and outputting
  • Introduction to 3d in After Effects

Amir Farouk

Works as a teaching assistant at Al Alsun high institute from October 2016.
Works as instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at IT Gate Academy.
Works as an instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at YAT Learning centers.
Works as a Web developer free lancer and have many published websites.
Worked as a teaching assistant at the High institute for computers and management information systems for 2 years
Worked as an instructor teaches Web develop and design diploma at seven dash academy for 4 years.
Worked as a web developer at Domainato for a one year.
Worked as a web developer for Crystal Asfour at the department of research and development.


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Amir Farouk

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