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In Adobe Premiere 101 course participants will learn to bring video media to vibrant life, using this industry-leading video editing software! Participants will create projects, utilizing editing best practices, including but not limited to:
three point editing, transitions, and adding audio-video effects.
Our instructors are seasoned industry professionals that will teach Participants more than just the program workings, they will cover common pit falls, best practices, and productivity shortcuts

What Will I Learn?

  • Participants will learn to capture video, edit and export to a variety of mediums - TV, Blu Ray, Quicktime and web formats to name just a few! This course can be highly personalized and hands-on, but Students will also gain knowledge in program aspects that Students may yet to even know they need, such as how to work with Premier’s title tool to create rich titles and credits, as well as create animation and process different image formats into Students video such as Illustrator and Photoshop files.
  • Learn to efficiently and effectively produce professional quality video
  • Learn best practices for corporate and broadcast productions
  • Integrate standard video creation work flows and best practices into Students department
  • Make high-quality video content production a fundamental capability of Students skill set, business offering or department


  • Certificate of Attendance from IT-Gate Academy


  • The Premiere Interface
  • Setting up a project
  • Creating a project and project setup
  • Capturing and editing footage
  • Creating Dynamic Titles
  • Markers
  • Transparency
  • Transitions
  • Adding editing techniques
  • Editing in the Timeline
  • Putting clips in motion
  • Create titles
  • Adding Video Effects
  • 3 point edits
  • Multicam Editing
  • Creating Cuts-only Videos
  • Adding Motion Effects
  • Storyboarding with Stills
  • Sweetining sound
  • Audio and Video Filters
  • Introduction to Color Correction and Grading
  • Exporting frames,clips, and sequences

Amir Farouk

Works as a teaching assistant at Al Alsun high institute from October 2016.
Works as instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at IT Gate Academy.
Works as an instructor teaches Web developing and designing diploma at YAT Learning centers.
Works as a Web developer free lancer and have many published websites.
Worked as a teaching assistant at the High institute for computers and management information systems for 2 years
Worked as an instructor teaches Web develop and design diploma at seven dash academy for 4 years.
Worked as a web developer at Domainato for a one year.
Worked as a web developer for Crystal Asfour at the department of research and development.


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Amir Farouk

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